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※ This is more than just taking images.

     It's a way to put a stamp on the most

     special moments you and your                    

     family will keep for a lifetime. 

※ My Clients Are Everything To Me!

     The happiness and joy of my clients is           my number one goal. I support my       

     clients with anything needed to help

     their overall experience be enjoyable 

     and delightful.

※ Every moment counts and is yours to

     cherish as we guarantee the rights to

     all photos from all of your most

     precious moments.


Welcome to Lauren Depuy Photography. I am super happy you decided to stop by to view my photography journey. It is such an honor to add new friends to my photography community. 

I am a professional photographer for five years in the Asheboro, NC area. I am a wedding and general portrait photographer. I reach for the rawest form of expressions while capturing images my clients will love for years to come. 

You are here because you are searching for the right photographer for your photography needs. Whether that's for an upcoming wedding or family portraits, I'm 100 percent sure I am your girl. 

If you love photography as much as I do, lets talk! I would love to chat with you. Go over specifics and help your vision come true through images you will love and will tell your life story as you imagined.

Hi there! Lauren here,


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