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I started my photography passion when my daughter was born in 2016. I have always had a love for photography and the joy it brought me when admiring other photographer(s) and their work. It excited me! I bought my first camera for $200 and taught myself the hard way to learn, self-taught.

I pushed hard to learn all that I could between 2016 - 2018. Man, that was an adventure. But then one day, it all just seemed to click for me. I started taking better photos and receiving more recognition on my social media sites and continued my journey to take images that brought tremendous joy to my life. 

I was spending all my time thinking and pondering on my photography like it was a burning fire inside me. I could not get away from it! I was spending most my time on my photography than anything I have ever put my time towards. I actually found a new calling upon my life. It was frustrating and hard but the accomplishment of success with a finished image was the icing to my cake. I knew this was what I wanted to do. 

Juggling a corporate day-to-day job, being a mother to a three year old little girl, a newlywed to my husband and a photographer! It seems to be too much but I pushed and still pushing to do my dream job. It's what I long for. To have support from my family, friends and mostly from my clients.

 In 2019, after a lot of hard work, I bought my very first professional camera and with the support of close family to donate my first set of professional lenses, I had gear I could start working with. See, for the longest time, I was forcing a non-professional camera to act like a professional camera with a high-end lens. I had no clue what I was missing until I took a step of faith and purchased what I was needing the whole time. 

Since then, over the last year, I have shot professionally in the Sophia, NC area and now I am fulfilling a future of photography while building the life I have always dreamt of. I plan to eventually quit my day-to-day corporate job and do photography as a full time career. It's going to be a scary decision, but I believe it will be well worth me being the happiest I've ever been in my whole life.

Photographing weddings and portraits are the only types of photography I love. Every single wedding, I look forward to meeting new people, being a part of such an awesome ceremony / celebration, and creating beautiful images for my clients.

I have been blessed to meet awesome people in the last year, learn countless things about life, and create photos for families and future generations. I grew up in a family that values marriage and family on the highest level. I pride myself in delivering photos that will serve as memories and keepsakes for many years to come.

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