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Currituck Sound | The Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Why is it when we go on vacation we feel exhausted when returning home? I thought we were supposed to feel relaxed and recharged after a week away. Well, the truth is, we are recharged but feeling relaxed is not something that happens over vacation, unless you go alone into a faraway forest with an Airbnb treehouse getaway. Instead we are overly excited by the new environment we put ourselves in for one to two weeks away from home. Exploring, eating out, early morning wake up calls so you don't miss anything and then theirs traffic! Your agenda never ends!

This past week, I traveled to The Outer Banks in North Carolina for a short getaway. We needed to get away for a bit and I was already working in the area on Wednesday morning by photographing a sweet family from Mississippi. This family travels all over the world to have their large family photographed while vacationing. Each year, I vacation at The Outer Banks to photograph weddings and families from all over. The feeling of knowing these individuals value my photography, just as much as I do, is the best feeling in the world!

During my stay, I was able to capture a beautiful sunrise, relaxed, watched two sunsets, explore the marshes of the Currituck sound, and spent one day sunbathing in the sun. I learned a lot about who I am internally. I experienced no doubt and no worrying about my future. I was in the present moment while I experienced once-in-a-lifetime views.

Some new changes happened within me for the better...

1) My health is top priority going forward! I have a full gym downstairs at my home so no more making excuses! I am the last person you would see walking in for cardio sessions but when I drove through early morning Corolla beach, (this is where the wild horses are), there were so many people on vacation pushing themselves to do better, be better, and be healthy. Even if they looked like they were struggling some, they looked at the opportunity to strive for more and take action. It really caught my attention and inspired me to do better. So tonight! I start my 45 minute cardio session at five times a week and two days strength training.

2) I am meant for more! I am focusing more on balance to get me to my destination. My destination will change, it will evolve, it will keep me on the straight narrow path and when I get there, I will look back and be proud. I'll be content in who I am and knowing I stuck by myself through the whole course of decision making and what steps were needed to get me to where I want to be in this beautiful life.

3) I just want to meet new people and do cool things. That's all! I want to explore with people who love life and love living it! I want people who want what I want and to experience the adventure and journey with me.

4) My MOTO has changed! (Ready, Shoot, Aim). Learn to fly without being foolish. This is the area to take a few more risks.

I sit and I ponder on all the good in my life. Life is beautiful and so was this sunrise! I have personally learned, if you can love life and where you are currently, even when things are not in line with what you think your life should be at that moment, still continue to be thankful. A thankful heart is a joyful heart. Right? Honor where you are. Learn from the place you are mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is how you stay on track when all other factors are coming against you. That's life! Life will happen! There's nothing you can do about it but how you react to a situation will truly set you free. I believe that with all my heart.

The sunsets, the beautiful marshes of the Currituck sound and the gorgeous sunrises at The Outer Banks are worth every ounce of time spent and the travel to get there. It's all worth it. Funny fact: BRING PLENTY OF BUG SPRAY. The Outer Banks in July is buggy and you will be miserable if you don't.

I leave you with this... really take in what speaks to you when looking at these photographs of the sunrise. Truly find deep meaning in what you are looking for in life and hold on to it. Be forgiving to yourself and talk kindly about yourself in private. We all make mistakes and we all can learn from them. If you can do just that, you are on the road to great love and joy that will overflow into your relationships and the relationship with yourself! Like I always say, "Dream BIG, travel the world, take risks, and LOVE with all your heart! Embrace your family and spend quality time with your children. Every moment counts and is worth spending with the ones you deeply love the most.


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