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Elegant Southern Charm Inspired Vintage Wedding Styled Shoot | Rolling Acres Farm | Asheboro, NC

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

If you’re like me, you love nothing more than stealing away from the day-to-day, just you and your camera, to explore an exciting new location. I can get lost for hours, wandering and wondering, letting my instincts guide me and shooting the sights of a newly discovered view.

For me, that’s heaven. Just creating.

Every new and unknown challenge called me to be a more masterful artist—to learn and execute my craft at a higher level with each and every click of the shutter, each and every job.

I loved the work that I was doing, and I was proud of it but I want more. More meaning and desire to photograph what I wonder about each day. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take on a different approach to how I want a wedding to look from my own taste of shooting. You know, the bright light with a hint of haze but just right on the focus. Allowing my artistic style to be seen and heard.

I was inspired to be more free this year in my art and how I approached what I felt with deep meaning when shooting. That is why I wanted the theme for the styled shoot to be supported by "All The Green Things" in the country.

What happens when you combine vintage elements with classic southern elegance? You get the most wonderfully romantic inspiration shoot, of course! I designed and photographed a day to be remembered, filled with breathtaking landscapes that transformed into my wildest wedding dreams. All the inspired details are not to be missed in the full gallery.

When planning for this elegant southern charm shoot, I wanted the feel of authentic and realism to be present. North Carolina is a rustic and a southern charm state with so much beautiful character. We have the mountains, the triad and we have the beaches. But when planning, I wanted to show how beautiful the country living really is and that the triad has the best green fields for miles. The lush green grandfather trees standing in the background. Living in the country, we desire luxurious settings that make us feel at home. Anyone is welcome to sit at our table. I wanted to show this off in the images. Making it feel like home.

The details starting with the bride's dress was a personal touch of the bride. She wanted to do another shoot in her original wedding dress she recently wore on her wedding day in March of this year. I envisioned how beautiful it would look while she sat on a horse while galloping through the the lust green field. I knew it would take my breath away and touch my hopeless romantic at heart. It was everything to me!

Having the horses in this styled shoot is part of my history with my father. He is not able to ride anymore due to his personal health. I implemented the horses in remembrance of our laughter and our bonding moments as we would ride with guides through the country together. It was truly my favorite moments with my dad prior to him having cancer. My dad is still with us but it has limited him to the things he once enjoyed. This scene brought so much joy to me to watch and to relive the love I have for my dad and for horses.

A sport that I enjoy personally with my true love is hunting. We hunt together to bond and I love the sport so much because of what it means to harvest your own animal and showcase it . It is a blessing and an experience you will never forget. We have wild wood ducks that mate at our pond each year and they are absolutely beautiful with rich vibrant colors. We had one in the house that a local taxidermy company did for my love years ago and I am always gazing at him. I thought, 'how beautiful would he be as the centerpiece to the tablescape?'. I was so happy how beautiful he sat with the place setting and the silverware has been in the family for many decades.

Wide-mouth Mason glass jars were the glassware used to give another touch of rustic detail with the elegant place setting gave a luxurious touch on with a lovely presentation.

We decorated the place setting with a green sour apple placed on the center plate. The apples pulled all the detail and the color of green for the theme, 'All Things Green', and I also brought in the apples because horses love sliced apples for a snack. That is what the horses ate all day while galloping and standing in the hot summer sun for this shoot.

The tablescape was placed in between the venue's barn and the horse field. The wooden fence lined with large light bulbs with the 4-top seating. I remember saying, "It's so beautiful, it makes me want to grab a seat and eat." That is exactly how I wanted the images to turn out. The feeling that everyone is welcome at the table. It was simple and it said everything about Southern charm.

A touch of rustic with deep meaning with a luxurious setting.

Adding in the bride and groom with the two horses brought together the look of an adventurous love. Being in the midst of beautiful horses gave the "running wild and free", together in love and it was everything to me to create. Living in the south, you fall in love and you stay free with the one person you deeply are in love with. This makes my all American girl heart flutter with excitement just a little bit more.

We ended the day with a beautiful double barrel cake. I requested for a cake I knew a country wedding would love to have. A double barrel cake is one of the most sought after cakes in the wedding industry. This cake was elegant and exactly what I requested for. I just wanted the cake to be simple with the elegant and luxurious touches with simple perfection. It's a perfect style of cake to have at a wedding or an elopement celebration. Easy to transport and set up in any location you desire. We used buttercream frosting and with small delicate petite white roses with a hint of green to draw in the 'All Things Green' theme.

We paired the cake setting with a green sash that was also used as the center fabric of the tablescape and wrapped around the floral stems for the bride's bouquet.

With every emotion and feeling in this shoot, I was able to live through every single image I captured. This shoot was everything to me and the authentic love was brought captured in each image.

I hope it is seen and welcoming to anyone who reads this blog.

At the end of the day, the best way to love and to live is free but when in love with your special person, it's important to continue this same mindset. Stay free and love with all your heart. Dream big and love deeply with no regrets.

Cake: "Muffins Cakes & Cupcakes" - Asheboro, North Carolina

Venue: '"Rolling Acres Farm and Wedding Venue'" - Asheboro, North Carolina

Bride: Sydney Rose - North Carolina

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