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How do I create such beautiful wedding flat lays for my clients to include in their wedding galleries, you ask? Read below on tips I use to do exactly that!

TIP: Always have the bride or planner contact the florist and ask for some extra floral stems for styling. I have found most florists are more than happy to give a few extras at no charge, but you have to have them add it to the order sheet or it will be easy to be forgotten about. It's the best decision to ensure there are some extras for your photographer(s) to make magic with.

TIP: Think about how you want the design of your wedding invitations to incorporate into the story of your wedding day.

TIP: Incorporate wedding bands and look for things that would make a great backdrop that helps tie in with the theme of the wedding day.

TIP: Use a portable surface. We have about 3-4 I bring with me. Currently loving the Monet styling flat lay mat. I prefer textured or fabric mats but on the search for a more artistic paint or suede mats for upcoming events.

TIP: Raise your invitation suite using washi tape or lens caps. It adds so much depth and dimension. Sometimes I will raise the florals with washi tape so they are all the same level also. (Etsy has some great kit options. Depth options for floral and invitation raising. If you are a beginner into the flat lay world, I used to use old medicine bottle caps for invitation depth and clear or white tiny containers I found at local antique stores. It truly doesn't matter what you use as long as it provides depth and stays flat to take your images.)

TIP: Make sure to plan enough time into the wedding day timeline in order to create your flat lay images. I usually do these while the bride and bridesmaids are finishing up hair and make-up. Then I move on to photograph the dress or candid moments. (Always my list in full smooth process. Having a process on what images you take first then following has always allowed me to enjoy my job and I go home happy.)

TIP: Elevate a simple ‘one piece’ invitation with lots of flowers. Very simple but elegant enough to enhance and focus on the one piece chosen. Make sure to follow my Wedding Incorporated Inspiration Board!

TIP: Include extra elements – name cards, ceremony programs, special keepsakes etc. Handmade place settings for the bride and groom are great ways to add in extra elements to flat lays.

TIP: Photograph the wedding program. It is such a nice way to remember the order of events and a great keepsake for your bride & groom.

When creating flat lays for your bride and groom, keep in mind that it is your creativity but it starts with knowing your client, what they want for their wedding day, gathering the details prior to creating, and also understanding who your client is by their personal style. So ask a lot of questions during your calls leading up to their wedding date.

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